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VISION We are a team of seasoned experts in cryptography, network and cloud security.

Born as Commonwealth Crypto Inc, we're proud to present Arwen.

The technology of blockchain has incredible implications for value storage, personal agency, asset ownership, and so much more. As the global community of traditional financial institutions and blockchain developers continue to build a new financial ecosystem, we saw an opportunity to solve one of the biggest roadblocks to large-scale cryptocurrency adoption.

Individual and institutional traders continue to fear loss of their coins due to exchange hacks. We believe that the ideal state of crypto trading combines the best elements of centralization and decentralization. Centralized exchanges are currently the best source of market liquidity and volume, where decentralized exchanges provide superior security and custodianship. Arwen eliminates the risk of losing your cryptocurrency on centralized exchange hack by providing a decentralized security layer.

Using the blockchain itself as the security agent, Arwen aims to be the most secure standard of trading as a technology built for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Our protocol and system has been developed by a team with over a decade of expertise in cryptographic standards and network security.

Much of the value of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies derives from the absence of a single trusted party. Why then is a single trusted party still required when trading one cryptocurrency for another? Don’t give up your keys or coins in order to access the market. With Arwen, you’ll trade with confidence and peace of mind, knowing you don’t have to sacrifice security for liquidity.

We’re building better crypto trading infrastructure and have the best team in the business. If you’re excited about our mission, check out our job openings below or reach out!


  • Sharon Goldberg

    Sharon Goldberg

    CEO / Co-Founder

    Sharon Goldberg

    Sharon brings over a decade of expertise in network security and cryptography. She is also an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at Boston University, where her research focuses on securing the protocols that provide many of the global internet’s core functions. Sharon received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2009 and is the recipient of two IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prizes, an NSF CAREER Award, an N2 Women Rising Star in Networking and Communications Award and a Sloan Research Fellowship. In her spare time, she enjoys working.

  • Ethan Heilman

    Ethan Heilman


    Ethan Heilman

    Ethan has spent five years improving the security and privacy of cryptocurrencies. He is the author of 8+ technical papers on cryptocurrency and blockchain security, as well as one paper which broke the security of SHA-3 candidate Spectral Hash. Ethan is a PhD candidate at Boston University, an inventor of the Bitcoin privacy protocol TumbleBit, and has contributed security improvements to the Bitcoin Core codebase. He is the recipient of a IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize, and was nominated for a Pwnie in the category of Best Cryptographic Attack. Ethan previously designed cryptologic software and built genomic tools for the Broad Institute. In his spare time, he enjoys breaking cryptographic hash functions.

  • David Fragale

    David Fragale


    David Fragale

    David has a background in blockchain at PwC where he helped build an early blockchain prototype for the humanitarian aid space as well as advised U.S. Intelligence Community on national security threats related to rise of cryptocurrencies. David has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management where he was a Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership. David brings a global business, strategy and operational acumen to the team.



  • Raj Aggarwal

    Raj Aggarwal

    Cofounder at Stealth Startup

  • Elizabeth Lawler

    Elizabeth Lawler

    Vice President DevOps Security, CyberArk

  • Arianna Simpson

    Arianna Simpson

    Managing Director at Autonomous Partners

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