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Secure Settlement for Digital Assets

Arwen’s technology eliminates needless risk and friction associated with moving coins across custodians.

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  • We’re of the opinion that trust and managing trust is the key value proposition of blockchains. There’s no single point of failure. ”

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  • This Startup Is Fixing The Biggest Security Hole In Bitcoin Exchanges ”

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  • the Arwen system will bring confidence to crypto investors with convenience as well as security ”

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  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto have been lost...Arwen cuts through the noise and creates a solution to the problem ”

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  • Utilizing Arwen for self-custody will be incomparably safer than trading on an exchange without it ”

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  • Arwen makes it possible to leverage the liquidity of centralized exchanges without giving [up] custody of assets ”

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  • Sharon Goldberg, CEO of Arwen Sharon Goldberg, CEO of Arwen
  • Kyle Torpey, Forbes Kyle Torpey, Forbes
  • Eric Don, President of KuCoin Exchange Eric Don, President of KuCoin Exchange
  • Paul Madore, Head of Crypto, CCN Paul Madore, Head of Crypto, CCN
  • Larry Cermak, The Block Larry Cermak, The Block
  • Saibu Baba, Crypto Insider Saibu Baba, Crypto Insider

Arwen Solutions

Arwen for</br> OTC Markets

Arwen for
OTC Markets

OTC settlement is inefficient, cumbersome, and carries significant counterparty risk. Arwen’s technology streamlines the bilateral settlement process while eliminating unnecessary risk. Get in touch to learn more about how our settlement technology can improve your OTC back-office operations, as well as new developments in reconciliation and netting. Inquire now.

Arwen for</br> Custodians

Arwen for

Expand the offering of your platform by allowing your clients to securely and seamlessly transact from their custodian of choice. Arwen gives you the tools to verify clients’ funds and settle real-time, end of day, or netting. Provide your clients with a desktop interface or API for settlement. Get in touch to learn more.

Arwen for</br> Exchanges

Arwen for

Centralized exchanges present risk for traders given the exposure to hacks. Our settlement technology creates a safer trading environment for end-users who can access a highly liquid order book while maintaining custody of their private keys. Exchange operators can add Arwen’s settlement technology to mitigate risk from hacks, unexpected technical issues, and reduce the impact of malicious actors. Try the Arwen app today.

Why Arwen for Settlement

Faster and Safer Cross Custodian Movement

Faster and Safer Cross Custodian Movement

Moving assets across custodians is complicated and risky. Arwen’s technology allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously exchange funds across disparate custodians without concern for delays, error, or counterparty risk.

Saves Time on Daily Settlement Operations

Saves Time on Daily Settlement Operations

Because we integrate to preferred custodians, OTC platforms, and exchanges, Arwen fits neatly into your existing process. Arwen can help eliminate manual operations and superfluous hops. We’re continuing to add new features to support reconciliation and netting.

Significantly Mitigates Counterparty Risk

Significantly Mitigates Counterparty Risk

Arwen is the only trustless settlement solution with simultaneous settlement for both sides of the trade. We don’t introduce things like pegged assets, federations, or third party oracles. Since Arwen uses native blockchains for settlement, there is no centralized “venue” that could become malicious, negligent, or compromise your assets.

Provides Optionality on Key Management

Provides Optionality on Key Management

Whether you want to run a custodial or non-custodial environment, Arwen’s technology enables the secure and efficient movement of coins regardless of where keys are held.

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